Today, money plays a crucial role to support the more just and noble causes. Sometimes, it’s necessary to develop a quick and simple project to fund an immediate and urgent need. Some other times, it’s required to coordinate creative fundraising to obtain large sums of money for a longer period (i.e., an annual donation campaign).

We specialize in fundraising for ethical and sustainable brands, cultural and research projects. Our mission and ambition is to see non-for-profit organizations and charity associations benefit from a variety of ideas to raise funds and successfully achieve the goal in their causes.

We are here to simplify fundraising ideas and develop the best and most suited strategy for your business.

The Process

Research and Analysis

We will perform a project analysis and complete research to ensure the full awareness of your requests.



We will create empathy with potential donors by generating interest and awareness towards the cause.



Being grateful by showing the donors the progress undertaken thanks to the money raised will make them feel more involved in the cause.


Bringing People Together for a Common Cause

Fundraising is the keyword

Raising funds brings together people who believe in the same cause and are eager to work with passion to make the difference. This commitment keeps us deeply motivated to offer a chance to those who often do not have one: we want to see their dreams come true.

Truly believing

It’s essential for you to believe in what Move the Elephant is about: we are a close group of passionate freelancers, keen on making a positive impact. For a successful fundraising activity, you must be able to communicate with people and convince them to trust you and your cause. 

You will need to reassure donors that they can really make a difference by donating.

Long Term Solution

Successful non-for-profit organizations have a common ground of characteristics connected to fundraising. For example, they create detailed fundraising structure. There are based on creating multiple sets of income strategies that will provide future and continuous revenue for the organization. Although these efforts can be very complex, they are essential for the longevity of a non-profit project.

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