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As experienced freelancers, we create and develop relationships between companies and people through social media, one of the most strategic channels to build trust in your audience and create intentions.

Through our social media marketing service, we encourage and promote the most important relationship of all: the one between you and your customers.

social media marketing

Our services

Development of a social media strategy

We offer a Social Media Marketing consultancy, through which we bring our customers tangible and measurable results.

creation of social media advertising campaigns

We create advertising campaigns on different social media platforms to accelerate both the growth and the development of your business through social media.

content creation for your social media accounts

We study the best communication for your business and create tailored contents for each social media channel: we create possibilities.

Influencer Marketing

There is a wide range of reasons why a brand would do well by investing in influencer marketing. Among those, here are the most important ones: engagement, ROI and sales impact, content creation, trust, and relationships.

A freelance Social Media Marketing service to increase sales.

We truly believe that the simplest thing to do is selling. Being able to earn people’s trust, however, is not for everyone and it’s what we try to do every day: inform and sensitize people to support brands like yours.

By changing the perception of a brand, consumptions will also change.

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Why would you use the Social Media network to communicate best with your audience?

People spend most of their time on social media.

Regardless of your field of work, daily your potential customers use social networks to stay up-to-date, look for information and so on. That’s why it is so important to be present where people spend more time.

There are plenty of consumers who are looking for your company.

There are plenty of consumers who are interested in the products and services you’re offering. If these customers do not know your brand, how can they get to your business? Social media are still a very powerful tool to increase the visibility of your brand and always generate new leads.

Every day people talk about your brand on social media.

Today more than ever it’s necessary to identify and listen to the needs of your customers, especially their opinion of your products or services. We focus on building both a positive image and a relationship of trust to create strong connections with your customers.

What can we do for you?

We study communication strategies aimed at achieving tangible results, by using social networks as a relationship channel. Move the Elephant creates and develops a project to optimize your presence on Social Media, or to build it from scratch.

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