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Mobile marketing allows you to attract the consumers that spend the most money: people are shopping on their phone now more than ever. For example, there are 7.5 billion sim cards in use in the world today. People are on their phones and apps more than they are on their computers.

Move the Elephant freelancers will help you launch a successful mobile marketing strategy to connect with, communicate with, and retain your customers.

Importance of Mobile Marketing & Advertising

Since users going online through mobile phones are more numerous than desktop users, the effectiveness and ultimate success of a mobile marketing campaign will be much stronger compared to a traditional online marketing campaign, which is still a very used marketing method and still excellent for many aspects.

Accelerated Mobile Pages

Since July 2018, the websites that haven’t adopted the AMP pages for their contents are downgraded on the Google SERP.

Responsive & mobile-friendly

As a web agency, we offer a wide range of mobile web services. This includes mobile design, strategy and the development of responsive websites.

SMS Marketing

Our corporate SMS marketing platform is specifically tailored for your business. It will allow you to communicate and engage customers immediately.

What Is Mobile Optimization?

Mobile optimization is the process that allows you to ensure a pleasant experience for visitors browsing your site. People spend more time on their mobile and tablet devices every year, but many websites are still not yet designed to consider different screen sizes and loading time requirements.

Mobile SEO examines site design, site structure, page speed, among other things, in order to make sure you do not drive away any mobile visitors to connect to the network.

Our Mobile SEO Services


  • Site Speed;
  • Mobile User Experience;
  • Local Mobile SEO;
  • Mobile Content Marketing;
  • Rich Snippet &;
  • Optimization for the mobile first index;
  • SEO for voice search (PASO).


Before proceeding with a mobile marketing or mobile SEO activity, it is important to understand the process of an effective communication campaign. As a freelance marketing group specializing in the development of social, sustainable, ethical and innovative international brands, we want to build a positive human relationship with those who decide to use our services and rely on us.


The experts at Move the Elephant will analyze your website and send you a detailed plan to ensure that your website or page clearly communicates the keywords to search engines. Our goal is to increase the number of visitors and convert them into sales and leads for your business.


We analyze the market to find the most appropriate keywords for your business in order to optimize your portal by following the criteria of density. The density indicates the frequency in which a search term appears in a text related to the total number of words contained.


Optimization refers to the strategies that can be adopted directly inside or outside your website, in order to create a growth impact within the search results. These techniques constantly change, and they must be known and analyzed every single day.


We routinely analyze our research and data. We verify our results with our clients by sending them detailed reports. We optimize the results to ensure the success in the best and shortest time possible.

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